Sunday, September 15, 2013

Progress Pics Week 5 #tinycabin

Updated newest cabin pics. The gable is done above the porch. The cedar posts are covered with paper to protect from paint. We determined where the kitchen is going. Front right of the cabin. The roof is on.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Progress Pics Through Week 3!!

Why build a tiny cabin?

Like clock work when we tell people we're moving in to a less than 600 square foot cabin we always here "why?". As people curled up they're nose.

The answer is simple. Less is more. Although, we struggled for quite some time building our residential and commercial cleaning business we have in fact started making a good living the last 4 or 5 months. And are continuing to grow. Therefore, most people would think "let's get a bigger place!".

For the longest time this was the plan. I had issues with my landlord in my current place because he would not update the look and feel of my current place. I have been here for 10 years (Longview Texas). However, when he finally agreed to update the place he decided he would want to raise the rent $300 more a month. Fine for most people. Not for me. Enough was enough.

I started to brainstorm as to alternatives to living for the "Man". I wanted my money to be my money. I did NOT want to be tied down with debt. People are tied to large house payments and as much as a 1/3 of they're income goes to pay for space.

Also, owning a cleaning business we realize how hard it is to just maintain a clean 2000 square foot home. For two people to clean 2 bathrooms, mop, vacuum, dust, clean the kitchen you are going to burn man hours. I want my time to be my time.

As I began to research I found out about the "Tiny House Movement". I became obsessed to a point. My wife thought I was insane. I was originally looking at these rent to own cabins. My wife was like "no". I will not live in a "shoebox!". Shoebox was the term she lovingly placed on my tiny house dreams. As time went by the idea of living a simple life, with less bills, less utilities started to break her out of her shell as well.

Currently, we are paying $600 a month for a 2 bedroom 2 bath, up to $300 electric bills in the summer, $80-$100 water bills, a $45 natural gas bill.

We project that we will be paying $600 a month for our cabin with a $80 electric bill, $25-$30 water bill, no natural gas bill. Now that's about a savings of around $315 per month. $315 a month is $3700 a year. To go into savings, retirement, pay health insurance, or just go have a good time on vacation. Over 10 years that's $37,000. We essentially will give ourselves a full month's raise a year.

Also, how much useless stuff can a person have? We have a ton of useless "stuff". Things you just won't go back and use again. We do some hoarder cleanups in our business. The rule is if you haven't used it in 6 months it's time to toss it. Or risk being a hoarder. Of course, Christmas deco is a exception. But, other than that. There are no real exceptions.

Also, we go into a lot of properties. It is unbelievable how many nice brick homes are dated. Some have some remodeling done. But, some don't. Outdated. This will be a NEW cabin. Means it's all updated. And being small remodeling or even adding will be easier later.

The Cabin - Specs

The cabin specs will be 16' W and 36' L. This is around 572 square foot. It will be a 1 bedroom/1bath. Open floor plan kitchen/living room combo. One of the things we had to have as we own a residential and commercial cleaning business is a washer and dryer. We lost some usable square footage there.

There is also a 16' w x 6' L front porch that will be covered with real cedar posts.

The Downsizing Has Begun!!

We have begun the downsizing from a 1300 square foot house to get ready to enter 570 square foot. By tiny house standards this would seem not that small. However, it means quite a bit less stuff. So far we have sold a couch, several crosses, a bedroom dresser, 2 bedroom dresser/table combos.

We are so excited for this experience. We also currently have about a 150 square foot storage building that's on our current location. I have thrown out some exercise equipment, old golf clubs, 2 old weedeaters, a step stool (I have 5 of them).

We still have a number of things to get rid of. The guy that's constructing the house has informed us that there will only be around a 4ft closet. Wow. We currently have 5 closets in our current location including a nice size walkin in one of the bedrooms. There will be a lot of things to get rid of in there!!

We are documenting our transition to a Tiny Cabin!

We will be documenting our story from a 1300 square foot house to a 570 square foot cabin. There are some interesting and exciting things happening for us as a family.