Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Posting a few more pics we had of what would have been our cabin...

We probably will not keep these pics of long.  As the cabin will not be ours.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Tiny Home is No More - A True Tale of Betrayal

As many have read there was a Tiny (small) cottage being built for us on behalf of a builder/property owner/business man in East Texas.

The building of our Tiny cottage started back in August 2013 and I have posted about half of our progress on this blog.  However, something shocking happened as the cottage became complete.

This cottage came about as we inquired with what was thought to be a friend of the family who owned rental property.  And has been building, renting, and buying property in and around North East Texas for 40 years or more...

We originally was going to rent a farm house that had been converted from a old gas station on HWY 271 outside of Gladewater Texas.  Upon viewing the farm house we had decided to in fact rent the farm house.

During the conversation I mentioned how ultimately I wanted a "tiny house" as I had been researching the trend for almost 2 years prior.  After hearing the idea the builder said "let's walk outside".... He pointed to a open piece of property about 1/2 acre in size around 40 yards from the rental farm house.  He smiled and said he would build our "Tiny Home" for us.  And then rent it to us with the potential for more (IE - Lease purchase/rent to own).  Now my wife and I started a cleaning business in East Texas back in 2012.  She had a pacemaker put in during 2011.  Very young for a pacemaker only 47 years old.  During the days preceding needing the pacemaker the hospital in Longview did not know what was wrong with my wife.  They did numerous tests on her over 5 days or so.  My wife had been suffering from dizziness, lack of energy, lack of ability to concentrate, slurred speech.  In fact initially we thought she was having a stroke.  However, her heart rate would not rise over about 40 bpm.

This was a very dangerous time.  She had went through a divorce a few years prior.  And her credit took a hit.  Then in 2011 during the pacemaker event I lost my job.  I refused to be away from my wife until we found out what was wrong.  When we started our cleaning business in very early 2012 it was started on $50.  Literally $50.  And we lived off of about $1500 a month for the 1st year.  It was a struggle.  We started the business because jobs in our corporate field were few and far between.

Long story short we had ruined our credit between divorce and business start up.  So this potential rent/lease/purchase situation was perfect as we were wanting to reduce our utility costs.  Currently we live in Longview in a 1150 square foot duplex.  The cottage is 600 square foot.  Quite a difference.

However, we were excited.  Over the moon.  With the offer "TG" presented us with.  As the months went along I covered the progress on here.  Pictures of us in the cabin/cottage as it was being built.  The red door that made my wife so very happy.  This place may have been small but, it was going to be our home for good!!

Well, now.... As of June 17, 2014 we are not in our Tiny Cottage.  Instead on June 10, 2014 we went to see the now completed cottage.  And was having a talk with "TG"... And as the course of the talk went.  His attitude changed.  And he seemed to get somewhat angry and had a glare.  He said "I got one rule before you move in" "you are NOT to have any of your friends in this cabin"... My wife and I shocked looked at each other.  Then he goes on to say "I do not need anyone in the cabin shooting gangsigns" or "out here stealing things" on our property. 

Then he precedes to tell us only my son and my wife's daughter/grandkids were allowed on "his personal property" (keeping in mind he had been renting out the farm house to various people for profit for years (including people we know))...   My wife and I was stunned.  No time over the previous 9 months of planning, conversation (and there had been hours and hours of it) with "TG" did he exclaim no friends were to be "allowed".... This of course was a deal breaker.  My wife and I called "TG" later that night to make sure we had not misinterpreted anything.  He was stoned and solid in his "rule".... So the cabin was no longer to be ours.

Now, the next thing.  Here we are in 2014.  About 2 weeks prior to the above events we had serviced a home in Gladewater Texas and we had our hired helper with us.  Who happens to be a friend of our family we have known for years... We decided it was time for "Anthony" to see the most exciting thing to happen to us.  Our cabin.  "Anthony" while he was out there met "TG"... The conversation and visiting went as always.  Very well.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Well, my wife says on the trip home after "TG" presented the most disturbing of rules.  "Why did he mention stealing and gang signs?".... I smiled and said "Anthony is African American".... And "TG" seems to have a issue with that.  Please keep in mind it just so happens the only friend "TG" ever met was Anthony.  Of course, we walked away.  We're not choosing a cabin over having a relationship with our friends who are as strong as family to us. 

Here's a small list of things we did to prepare:
1) Got a storage building (facility) to store collectibles and Christmas decor.
2) Sold numerous amounts of furniture including a couch and antique curio cabinet
3) Because the cabin was a round trip of 40 miles further a day driving for us we bought a car.  Keeping in mind that our previous vehicle functioned fine.  But, was a gas guzzling SUV.  Oh.  And the previous vehicle was PAID OFF.  Now, we have a note for a $25,000 car.. Which I took a ugly interest rate on to get the 26MPG vs. 12 MPG.  But, now we're in town and absolutely could have kept our PAID off car.  Now it's $300 a month out the window.
4) Were told we could keep our pets in our new place (now we have to get rid of our fur-babies).  We are heart broken and this is the worst of the fallout from his betrayal.  

By the way.  Little money exchanged hands except $2300 for a interior wall that I requested he put in.  However, when there was a delay in construction he gave it back and told us to just give it to him upon completion.  No contracts prior.  Why?  Because he was a friend of the family who during his rental business had rented to multiple people including our daughter.  With NO issues out of this person in 14 years that would have forecasted his "hate".... So in turn.

We are heartbroken.  As someone else will enjoy the Tiny cabin besides us.  We are left to pick up the pieces.  Both financially and emotionally... Thanks for following the cabin and take care!!


Larry and Debi